As much as I’d like to be working on “El Diablo’s Eyes” and the Casey Carlson detective novel, my writing actually has been for the 2014 Annual Report, the free iinfo ebook, and the website for the 501(c)(3) educatonal non-profit, Quick, Smart, EZ, & Aware.

I hope soon to get back to fiction writing and I really need to finish the updates of the reproofs of novels already written as well as finish some short stories I want to publish this year!

I need a lot more hours in the days!


I am working on my first book of this series and plan to make the first ebook free. I began the book a few years ago and put it aside to do some other writing and projects. I do want to get it finished this year.

Really got sidetracked for a couple of years and I have missed writing. When I originally wrote the novels and non-fiction books in Word, I edited and proofed on the computer. I finally got smart and printed, and, of course, found errors I had missed. This past week I re-proofed the printed book (for the 2nd time) “Cowboy Jesse and the College Girl” – at least the Smashwords edition, still have to do the Amazon edition. Found three times I had NOT closed dialogue with double quotes! In the future, I will always print for my editing and proofing – was just trying to save some money on ink, which is expensive, but that saving is not worth having to spend the time to later print and proof!

Today I finished the novel and on Sunday Rocky and I will do a read-through. I don’t want to publish the ebook until he approves. The cover artwork is finished as well. I had lots of fun writing this novel because of the unique way I used Point of View for each character. Looking forward to the feedback from Rocky.

I’ve done fine on my writing, but once I started on the Ultimate Teacher’s Handbook, which is over 1000 pages in Word, I have gotten bogged down – brain in overload. I should and will get back to that and finish it. Have, instead of working on it, been doing a lot of fiction reading as well as studies on the brain. Hopefully, I’ll be motivated soon to finish the long non-fiction book that has SOOO much information in it, i am overwhelmed.

Since I intend to spend the rest of my life writing fiction and some non-fiction, it seemed like a good idea to begin a writing blog. I’m now formatting Cowboy Jesse and the College Girl to publish as an ebook and have yet to do the cover art. This will be my first published novel. As soon as this one is published, I’ll format and publish Love Never Dies. The cover art is completed for that novel.

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